What We Do

The Center’s Purpose

The Rathmann Innovation Center, a program of the Rathmann Family Foundation, was founded in 2014. The Center’s purpose is to identify best in class, high-performing individuals, teams or nonprofits with interesting, clever and forward-thinking ideas via an online process with both competitive and collaborative components. Awards, Challenges, and other types of Grants will be offered from time to time. The Center seeks to fund ideas which improve the lives of others and exhibit potential for a lasting, positive impact.

Who We Are

The Rathmann Family Foundation

Established in 1991, the Rathmann Family Foundation supports a broad spectrum of organizations. Foundation grantees share the common characteristics of innovation and development of excellence. Areas funded include: Arts and Culture; Education; Environment; Health; Human Services; International Aid; Public Affairs; Technology; and Science.

Since inception, the Foundation has had the great privilege of providing grants to several hundred qualified organizations with programs in the United States and on occasion in other parts of the world. The Foundation regrets it does not have the resources to fund all such qualified organizations. Except for funding opportunities offered through the Rathmann Innovation Center, the Foundation does not accept unsolicited funding inquiries or proposals.

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Funding Calendar

The primary program of the Rathmann Innovation Center is the Rathmann Challenge - a $300,000 funding opportunity for qualified recipients.

The 2017 Rathmann Challenge application is now closed. Rathmann Challenge Awardees were announced in November 2017 on this website.

As other funding opportunities become available, each will be announced on this website. Each Award, Challenge or Grant opportunity will have specific eligibility criteria and timeline posted on this website. Please review the requirements thoroughly prior to submitting an application.

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Is funding provided to organizations and individuals?

Please refer to the eligibility requirements for the Award, Challenge or Grant opportunity you are interested in, as well as their respective Terms and Conditions. Some opportunities will be for organizations only, some for individuals only, and some for both.